About our team

We are a small team of young, like-minded and driven people with international experience, diverse business background.

Our core beliefs on what it takes to be successful in business are clear: use your experience to serve others and stay focused on what you do really good.

Our business was founded along these lines.

A close-knit team delivers great results. Everything we do, whether through process, technology, our research or other is centered on helping clients improve their customer focus and develop more profitable customer relationships in today's saorsa world.

Our team shares a corporate culture of mutually respecting individual capability, and in turn, helping one another to grow, avoiding the risk of deep divisions between winners and losers.

The strong sales team is crucial to the success of most companies.

We believe:

Today the company management can’t control the results, at the same time the top management is responsible for the control of actions

Artem Babak

Cofounder, CEO

Alexander Senichev

Cofounder, IT & New technologies

Anna Nestulia

Councilor, Marketing