Our goal is to provide commercial solutions and assist so that anyone of our customers is able to make use of the latest technologies, to launch new-generation products and create value throughout their whole life cycle.

1. Sales management

Given that there are a lot of moving parts within an enterprise, the sales management process currently needs to be fully understood to ensure each dimension of the collective sales effort is operating efficiently.

If the business brings the profits and proceeds, a sales management strategy is an absolute necessity. When it comes to boosting sales performance for any size of operation, no matter the industry, the secret to success is always precise sales management processes:

Strategic prioritization of these processes in the context of emerging challenges allows business to consistently hit its sales targets.

Besides helping the company reach its sales objectives, the sales management processes allow business to stay in tune with its industry as it grows.

Consistency in selling only works if the right things in marketing are done consistently well.

Whether you are initiating your first customer or partner advisory meeting, or you want to refresh your strategy, we’ll guide you to maximize your profits and proceeds as well as deliver a direct experience of, or expertise in innovative management practices.

Our areas of expertise include:

2. Marketing

In marketing SAORSACUBE is a proven innovator and disruptor.

SAORSACUBE team’s goal is to find the shortest path to the success of the Customer’s business.

We elaborate and implement marketing strategy for the projects and companies with the focus on the B2B and B2C audiences. The comprehensive approach includes both online and offline activities, the most relevant for the specific company/product.

Join us on Telegram Channel and other social media ind the whole range of marketing solutions and services we are ready to provide.

3. IT solutions

Our strength lies in providing customized IT solutions for business in shortest implementation time and at an affordable cost. Our team domain knowledge makes us different from other software developers. With this capability we are able to design and implement systems which are extremely user-friendly to business practices.

SAORSACUBE office team in Kyiv has the capacity to develop software that help businesses to maximize profit while delivering the best possible value to the customers and implement an effective marketing strategy for the promotion of products and solutions in the IT-market.

Furthermore, in 2019, SAORSACUBE team has begun developing its own IT-platform on a turnkey basis that will empower customers with convenient features that will facilitate interaction among key social groups and service providers.

In the case of Ukraine this IT-solution responds to the challenges of industry where services are not regulated in a way to improve their quality reducing the benefits for Ukrainian customers.

Details related to the IT platform will be disclosed in 2nd Q 2020.

4. HR

(strategic interaction with partner)

Even though technologies are replacing some of the roles in the sales process, human interaction still plays a key role in connecting & engaging with Customers.

People like U is our strategic partner who is ready to help not only foresee, plan and model, but implement its offered HR-solutions.