Our Partners

People like U

The competent and motivated team of independent experienced specialists doing their best in order to ensure the best possible conditions for the success of projects through capacity-building in Human Resources (HR). For two years in a row People like U acted as an HR-partner for specialists who are looking to apply their skills all over the world as well as HR-partner for companies looking for top talent to help them reach their high aspirations.

People Like U is instrumental in finding common ground to engage Ukrainian relevant professionals in companies, which need highly educated people with capacity to generate a positive impact, new ideas and who are practical when resolving problems in web-design, software development as well as in digital transformation, enterprise performance management, business intelligence, etc.

Invest in Projects

B2B marketing agency.

Invest in Projects specializes in the strategic integrated marketing communications, global promotion of the projects and companies in the field of real estate, retail and urban development aimed to find investments, business partners and tenants.