About Saorsacube

Your company is unique. Your customers are unique. To maximize business impact, for both your company and your customers, how you engage must reflect those differences. At SAORSACUBE, we are agile to the core, focused on one goal: to maximize you and your customer’s performance with university-led, research-driven solutions that win.

With more than ten years of combined team members' experience in a number of countries SAORSACUBE is dedicated to establish and manage a corporate structure in the best interests of our Clients.

SAORSACUBE supports businesses by contributing to their efforts to take on corporate transformation challenges and then GVCs challenges.

The primary focus of SAORSACUBE is to maximize profit for the companies while delivering the best possible value to their Customers.

SAORSACUBE is a reliable partner in helping Clients realize positive transformation in the world where rapid technological advancements increase the pace of change and create new opportunities.

Our team’s experience has shown, time and again, that countless opportunities for business can be unlocked through three-track partnership in:

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We are based in Kyiv, Ukraine
Address for correspondence:
Kyiv 03039,
119 Lobanovskyi Ave